A Royal Wedding At Palace

‘What an electric thrill it sends up and down the spine, how it sets the heart racing: A royal romance! A royal wedding! The pomp and the pageantry!’

Bhumi – a young and beautiful girl who always wanted a wedding at a palace, and Sagar being an ideal partner vowed on planning for the wedding at a best place which Bhumi had always dreamt of. For Bhumi and Sagar, marriage isn’t just an idea of love and romance because they believe that’s an easy part. Marriage is about promise to do whatever it takes and stick by each other the tides and ebbs of life.

The wedding of this was not just a one- day event, but it was followed with many ceremonies and rituals. Friends and family from many countries came together to celebrate the joy of this couple, this even gave team chabbi a chance to shoot and photograph the happiness of all.

It all started with haldi – an auspicious ceremony performed to pray for good health and prosperity in the life of newlyweds. Yellow in the air spread positive vibe and energized everyone for the wedding. Our team chhabi took this opportunity to capture the emotions in such a vibrant color which yellow is. The bright yellow brought a brilliant charm and smile on everyone, which team chabbi captured staying behind the curtains.

The sangeet was arranged at night, where family did not just dance, but expressed their emotions and gave blessings to Sagar and Bhumi. Family members were thanking each other to be a part of this special occasion. Eyes were filled with the tears of joy and hearts were filled with love. It would not be justified if team chhabi did not provide the best of our photographic and cinematographic skills for this event. Therefore, we selected the masters of our team to handle the wedding.

A wedding – ceremony where two individuals are united in a marriage. The wedding of Sagar and Bhumi set a bar higher for team chabbi. How can our team capture the strong love and portray it in a picture? Well, it was a challenge which we were excited about. Team chhabi made certain that the love, happiness, and excitement were flashed directly in our cameras. Our team wishes Sagar and Bhumi a happy married life as we express the gratitude to consider us the part of this special occasion.

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