Dhvani + Meet

Dhvani + Meet

The wedding of Dhvani and Meet wasn’t just any ordinary event for team Chhabi. It was a festival that was celebrated for days, where we were astonished to experience their welcoming nature. Our team had to keep the pace for a 7-day wedding, where we had to travel back and forth to Ahmedabad and Rajkot.

The event started with Sufi night. Everything seems better when it’s started with some music. On Sufi night, team chhabi captured the rhythm of the surroundings. We believe Indian weddings aren’t complete until there are music and dance involved.

The next morning, it was the Mehendi ceremony. It is said that – “Mehendi adorns the hands of bride and life take a new color”. The ceremony, where women gather and apply Mehendi on their hands and feet. It is a fun-filled ceremony, and women of the family come together to dance, sing, and relax. Team chhabi captured the essence of the ceremony and the emotions of the people.

On the next morning, Mandap Pooja was arranged where the family members come together to pray for peace and prosperity in the life of the couple. There is an atmosphere of spirituality and prayers. The elders of the family chant pooja to bless the couple. Next, the Haldi ceremony was arranged. An auspicious ceremony where the bride and groom were applied Haldi (turmeric) for the purpose of good luck and blessings. Team chhabi captured the yellows of the ceremony staying quiet behind the curtain just like every time.

On a wedding day, team chhabi captured the reunion of Dhvaniand Meet into a marriage. Our team captured their emotions, love, tears of joy, and smile of everyone at the wedding. Indian wedding is incomplete without reception. Reception is an event where family members welcome guests to bless newlyweds. People come together to celebrate the wedding of the couple, shower them with blessings and flowers. Team Chhabi made it a task that no guests were remained out of our lenses.

The wedding of Dhvani and Meet was a festival which we would never forget. Team chhabi wishes the couple a happy future and a great life ahead.

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