Ankit + Prachi

Two souls but a single thought Two hearts that beat as one.

Engagement is the second step for the reunion of two people, the first one remains falling in love. For the engagement of Prachi and Ankit our team chhabi had to put on our A-game and give the best of our art. Engagement of Ankit and Prachi was a function with close family members, and our team Chhabi was made a part of their family. We took the pictures that had millions of emotions and stories.

“We clicked the diamond, we clicked the smile, we clicked the couple and we clicked the love.”

During Mandap Ceremony, family members and guests came under one mandap to pray for the healthy and peaceful life of the couple. Our team grabbed an opportunity to capture the auspicious morning on our camera. Our team captured the moments which were spiritual and religious. Later on the Dandiya Night, everyone danced and sang to lighten up the event. The night was lively and full of fun. Team Chhabi captured the enthusiasm and passion of the members while everyone was lost in the moment.

The next morning, the final day of the wedding. Where two individuals come together and vow to stay with each other through good or bad. We felt the joy and love in the atmosphere and captured it immediately. We captured the union of two individuals becoming one and that’snot the end. After the wedding, the Reception was arranged where guests came to congratulate and shower the newly wedded with blessings and flowers. Team Chhabi captured different faces having different smiles as they were creating memories together.

We express our gratitude to Ankit and Prachi for making us part of their family, Team Chhabi wishes a happy life to the lovely couple

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