Akshay + Ankeeta

Akshay + Ankeeta

It wouldn’t be wrong to say, “An Indian wedding is a festival that is not just one day occasion”. The celebration and joy all around, create an aura of excitement and love. For a beautiful couple like Akshay and Ankeeta, we as a team Chhabi decided to step a level above and give the best of ourselves. The wedding was a two-day event that started with Mehendi – a ceremony where all the women of the family got together to apply henna and dance to the music of joy. Team chhabi, staying behind the scenes captured all the colorful faces and the spark of their faces.

Later, with the melody of setting sun, the guests danced and sang, which was fun and energetic. The couple took a vow to share the rest of the life: in happiness or sadness while exchanging rings. Moreover, for team Chhabi, it was an opportunity to shoot an electrifying day with everyone. That’s how day-1 came to an end.

On the final day, The Wedding Day – our team chhabi was astonished by seeing such grand decor and hospitality. The family members were humble and welcoming towards everyone at the event. The festivities do not just end here they continue until the vidaai where the bride has to bid farewell to her parents and the new family welcomes her. Team chhabi captured all the smiles, tears of joy, nervousness, and lights of the wedding.

Our team wishes Akshay and Ankeeta happiness for the future and blessings to both. We thank them for making us a part of such a rich bonanza and rituals.

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