Studio – ‘Chhabi’

Let’s take a tour of our beautiful workplace, from where we never feel to go back home!

‘Chhabi’, a home to a few internationally-acclaimed and award-winning photographers have the art running in their veins for over 3 generations. Spreading happiness over these years, our art has raised many eyebrows through our projects that are always ahead of the time.

Do you know what is source of inspiration?

A next-generation studio made by using all the latest technologies. A place which will make you feel like home. We have designed an innovative studio and a workplace which excites our team members. At the studio, we keep a friendly environment and open door policy that helps us in framing the ideas which are out of the box.

“We have architect-ed a place where everyone’s needs are taken care of, that too in a creative and imaginative way!” 😉

Our studio is segregated into two levels; the lower level is more public which greets the guests and holds meeting, while the upper level is more private where the magic happens.

In the lower level, we have an entrance with a company logo and since there are many walk-ins, we made it certain that our entrance was quite appealing. In the entrance, we have a Chhabi logo engraved in wooden calligraphy fonts. We have raised a platform (generally called ‘otla’ in Gujarati) for seating arrangement while waiting at the reception where clients can sit comfortably and gossip. We didn’t give much importance to the symmetry and the fancy ceilings, but we artistically camouflaged the uneven beams with galvanised corrugated sheets- painted black.

The entrance is further divided into two sects which separates a director’s room where formal meetings are organised. This room is made from a glass and wood partitions separating the reception area from the director’s room. After the director’s room, there is a photography studio which has a brick wall – painted white, which reflects a bright color that can be used as an ideal background for the shoot.

The upper level is mainly created for the editing, entertainment and relaxation. We have crafted our own “Cafe Chhabi” because we love to work with the hues and aroma of coffee. The studio is centralised with a music system that enchants the mood of our team and helps us work in a bliss.

We address the clients and hold a presentation in this area. We have always wanted our clients/visitors to feel at home and have a special corner for Chhabi.

“You are welcome to our Cafe Chhabi at any hour for a good time and good coffee with us.”

Place designed by Vivek Kadecha

Photography by Bhumil Soochak & Dhrupad Shukla

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