Aarti Thali

The Hindu pantheon rests heavily on it’s many and varied rites and rituals.

One of the tenets is to worship God. The ceremony was being practice by family priest (Suresh Maharaj, Ahmedabad), which was later to be followed by the wedding. This Puja was significant as it unveils the divinity and rectitude.

We did believe putting this ceremony in a can with prepossessing tack where the priest prepared Aarti Thaali, which was decorated with colours and clay Diyas (handmade). A Diya symbolizes blessings to the worshippers.

And out of the impel atmosphere of the wedding excitements, arrival of the guests, you might just forget cottoning to that moment, where we aim to please you by keenly observing the rituals and to seize them. This is what Chhabi believes in, seizing the moments!!



How did he do it?

The priest who prepared Aarti Thaali was going in his own mellifluous action, which absolutely impinged us that we cannot take our camera off.

  • He artistically applied colours namely Abil, Gulaal, Haldi and Kankoo on the dish after greasing it with ghee.
  • He then used all the essential accessories for Puja and made Diyas from the Yellow dough of Gram Flour. The yellow colour symbolizes power of the sun and luck.
  • Lighting the Diya fed in Ghee of clear enlivened by the breeze of intense love during auspicious ceremony will contemplate the divinity.
  • The Diya was ringed with the snakes decorated by scale-down designs.

This alluring Thaali can be designed by home made products, try it out!